Director & Director of Photography 

With a polytechnical background, Diploma and Msc in Structural engineering, I transitioned into the video production industry as it speaks directly into my heart, my creativity and my quest for uncharted waters. 

As a passionate filmmaker I love telling inspiring stories.

I am interested in a variety of themes and avoid the pigeon hole,  categorising me as a single genre director. The same applies to my photography as I always try new ways to tell a story and embrace the technological development of the industry  but i also respect and appreciate traditional film techniques. 

In each project  I create the suitable team based on the style and aesthetics required.

I have directed a diverse range of video content from  branded & commercial content, documentaries and video campaigns.

I cherish the filmmaking community and try to  share my work, backstage, workflow and thoughts through my blog section and social media. 

My moto is "Explore, Feel, Think, Create,  No other way "