Signs are louder than words. A romance

As our focus is mainly on corporate and commercial work we rarely film weddings.
But this one was a totally different case.
Sam and Julie are two wonderful people and a real match in life.
As our very good friend and super talented wedding photographer George Pahountis asked us to
film their wedding we went for it as its always a good time with him.
Our thoughts on wedding cinematography is that it very freestyle and allows the filmmaker to
explore his vision on pressure as its a live event and there are no takes. Nothing happens twice so
you have to be alert and you have to film keeping in mind the story you want to tell. Its really creative.

Sam and Julie traveled all the way from the United states to get married in
a remote destination, in the island of Evia ,in Greece.

When we arrived at Delenia Villa and met the couple we realized the reason we never had a skype call Sam and Julie.
We had to decide fast on an approach, in filming this wedding.
The location is unique by itself , a mountain range on the back, crystal blue waters in front, grey and abrupt rocks on the edge!
All these compose a dramatic yet beautiful scenery.
We want to thank their friend who interpreted the whole ceremony for us to understand
the sign language and to be able to use it for the subtitles and voiceover.

From our experience of that day we can say that sign language is more expressive than the spoken.

Their expressions were like a melody of happiness for us.
We are really honored to have filmed Sam’s and Julie’s wedding.
It was a life changing experience and we thank you.
While editing the film we kept in mind that music must not lead.
The visual sound give the tempo with the aid of subtitles.
We added a voiceover of a male voice for Sam’s vows ,
their friends voice for Julie’s vows to make a video that anyone
from their friends-family can enjoy !